Communication of sustainability related knowledge is one of our main goals. SERI is not engaged in basic research but translates relevant knowledge so that it can be used in a sustainability context. This has many aspects:

  • the communication aspect is included in many projects right from the beginning so that the results are relevant to both the research community as well as to stakeholders and to the general public.
  • Apart from scientific reports and publication, which are important to keep in touch with the respective scientific communities, we aim at publishing our work in mass media such as the press, radio and tv.
  • In doing so, we use everyday language as well as graphical representation of our research work
  • This website tries to communicate research results as well as other sustainability related issues to various target groups.
  • Our Blog (in German language) tackles themes of general interest related to our work. Moreover, we use media of social networks, such as  facebook and twitter and like to communicate with everybody interested in our themes.
  • Since 2015, we produce N21, our own media for sustainability (so far only in German).
  • SERI researchers are teaching at several universities in Austria and abroad.

Apart from these concrete activities, we consider all our work as communication – among project partners, within the scientific community, between our clients, with stakeholders involved or with the general public interested in our results and also among the SERI researchers involved. Our aim is to constantly improve our way of communication since we are convinced that sustainability will only be achieved when a larger share of the population understands and feels what sustainability is about.

Further information on this research area: