For more than fifteen years, our research and counsel has been supporting citizens, NGOs, businesses, regions and governments to live good lives and be economically successful using fewer resources. A number of recent crises (financial and economic, environmental, democracy and political, poverty and global conflicts) makes this change more important than ever before.

We are convinced: A “good life for all” is still sustainably possible – for each and every one of us!

At SERI, people with diverse skills, of different ages and varied backgrounds have come together to work

  • self-governed and independently,
  • intrinsically motivated, ambitiously and joyfully,
  • in the long-term interest of nature and society,
  • with a European perspective and global responsibility
  • on the basis of the newest scientific findings
  • accessible to and in exchange with society

and thus play their part, to enable a “good life for all” (distributed fairly over all people, today and tomorrow). SERI supplies ten permanent and fairly paid  jobs that are not bound to the duration of a project and has a yearly turnover of about half a million Euros.

We are working in European research consortia, for responsible corporations and small businesses, for Austrian municipalities and international organisations, on EU- and global level, for NGOs and everyone, who wants to know how a higher quality of life with a much smaller ecological rucksack can – especially in economically uncertain times – be achieved. And of course we also develop our own projects.

Everyone can do something.But we need the right political framework so that the cooperation of many initiatives can become the great transformation we need. The path is made by walking and we are working on it together – with everyone who, like us, wants a sustainable future worth living in our immediate sourroundings and all over the world.