From urban metabolism …

...to a fair and circular urban-rural relationship Conference on 23 May in Vienna in cooperation with the Club of Rome - Austrian Chapter as part of the EU Horizon 2020 project UrbanWINS and the PlanetYES initiative and other partners. The urban ... Read More

20 Years of SERI

For 20 years, our work has been supporting companies, NGOs, ministries and international organisations that contribute to the necessary transformation in their own sphere of influence. Over the last 20 years, we created well over 10 million € in inco... Read More

Highlight: Growth in Transition 2016

The end of february saw the return of a conference by the "Growth in Transition" initaitive, having been on break for four years prior. SERI participated in several "parallel sessions" again. Additionally, N21, our German-language online magazine for... Read More

Highlight: N21

N21 is our German-language online magazine on everything sustainable. N21 aspires to be ad-free, constructive, well researched and independent. Having initially started as SERI project in association with a number of journalists, N21 is currently on ... Read More