What we want

The state of the world we live in demands action, not just passive spectating. his applies to overconsumption, a growing gap between rich and poor as well as the seeming repression of politics in all areas of society and life in general. The transition towards a sustainable future needs many heads, hands, instruments. We are supporting researchers, actors and organisations that are part of this transformation. Our instrument is communication.

How we are doing that

Our sustainability communication aims to convey information about risks and opportunities. That means: no alarmism and fear mongering but information that engages the reader to act themselves. Dedicated journalism that initiates commitment. Additionally, with participatory journalism we want readers to be part of the media products.

For whom, with whom?

We want widespread impact, not a niche medium. Our target audience is the general public, reached via the internet and other channels. The new digital and mobile media formats have opened up new possibilities.

What exactly are we offering?

We would like to explore that with you personally. Key services could include:

– working on a strategy (in cooperation with the client)

– organising a workshop (eg. for a conference or just in general)

– empowering researchers to communcate more effectively themselves

– reporting / media relations

Reference projects

Workshop on transforming journalism at “Growth in Transition 2016” in Vienna

Our German language online medium N21 organised a three day workshop as part of the “Growth in Transition” Conference at the Vienna University of Economics and Business in 2016. A live blog was used to report on sessions and keynotes as well as a printed “conference newspaper”.

POLFREE Dissemination
POLFREE (Policy Options for a Resource-Efficient Europe) is a large research project supported by the European Union. Among other work, SERI translated the scientific findings into a journalistic multimedia product. Find out more at http://polfree.seri.at

GLAMURS Dissemination

SERI was involved in the dissemination of the EU project GLAMURS (Green Lifestyles, Alternative Models and Upscaling Regional Sustainability). More at www.glamurs.eu


Fritz Hinterberger

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