The future is now. Many experts however point out the possible negative effects of increasing digitalisation. To ensure that digitalisation and Industry 4.0 can not only retain but further foster social justice and safety, environmental and data protection as well as societal participation, the project “Brave Digital World” headed by the Club of Rome – Austrian Chapter in cooperation with SERI and the Oesterreichische Kontrollbank Aktiengesellschaft – OeKB will focus on the framework and conditions needed to achieve these goals

Naturally, numerous publications and events exist already, but this project aims to particularly reflect on a broad spectrum of societal implications. The cooperative networking process between experts and current generation students will help to highlight new aspects and pathways to shape the necessary conditions.

Ten to twenty essays by experts from various backgrounds are published on and opened to comments to debate new ideas. The experts can summarize the digital discussion in a closing statement. A collaborative event will be held in the first quater of 2018 to discuss the results and a report to the Club of Rome will be derived by the project team.

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