Global environmental problems such as climate change, piles of rubbish, desertification and more are caused by the current unsustainable production and consumption patterns, and its related resource use. Due to this reason political decision makers demand for an improvement of resource efficiency and a constantly growing number of consumers become aware of the strategic power of their daily buying decisions. Therefore, measuring environmental sustainability is becoming more and more important for business.

SERI conducts strategic consulting for companies, CSOs and policy makers, that wish to reduce their resource use and ecological impacts of production and consumption, on the basis of environmental indicator assessments. Environmental indicators (footprints) are used to structure, implement and assess the performance of the investigated entity. SERI’s set of indicators quantifies the consumption of (renewable and non-renewable) materials, water, land and the released greenhouse gas emissions. This approach represents a feasible and comprehensive measuring instrument regarding the environmental impact of a product, a service, a (part of a) company or a whole sector. SERI’s SCP group is dedicated to different fields, corresponding to the expertise of its employees. The main fields are agriculture and nutrition, forestry and renewable resources, traffic and mobility, construction and living as well as financial services, IT and communication services.

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We support businesses to make themselves or their products most sustainable, economic and future-proof. Be it with a professional assessment of the current situation, more comprehensive and long-term support in environmental management of product and business or as consulting partner with experience and competence in the field as well as a network in policy making and business.