As a consumer, judging wether products are environmentally friendly or not can be difficult. It’s impossible to have all the information about how a good is produced everytime you buy something. The GREEN BRANDS quality seal serves as a helpful guide in that respect. To ensure the trustworthiness of such a certification, independence, scientific backing and transparency must be central principles! SERI is pleased to cooperate with GREEN BRANDS in this area to be responsible for the scientific supervision and development of the certification process. Our work is mainly focused on the list of certification criteria and the “Green Brands Index” used for valification.

Moreover, Dr. Fritz Hinterberger, Head of SERI, is also jury member for GREEN BRANDS in Austria

His statement:

“As long as the state or the EU are not able to enact comprehensive and practicable sustainability certifications, private sector initiatives like GREEN BRANDS are needed to fill this gap. The GREEN BRANDS seal is awarded to companies and product that are not just supporting individual environmental projects but are oriented in an environmentally friendly direction on the whole. It’s particularly important to me to label lesser known corporations and products, thereby making real ecological sustainability more widely known.

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