The Sustainability Check of European Regions – Focus Transport in cooperation with our client Eco Social Forum developed an indicator set aiming to measure and evaluate the progress of European regions in the implementation of sustainable transport systems. This project was building on research conducted in earlier projects focusing on energy and climate. Compared to similar initiatives the Sustainability Check is notably centered around regions. These are reflected using the EU standard NUTS 2 level the size of which e.g. corresponds to the each of the 9 Austrian federal states.

The Sustainability Check of European Regions – Focus Transport is based on a set of twelve indicators that is summarized into an aggregate index and three partial indeces  (environmental, economic and social). The environmental index comprises the indicators for carbon, suspended particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions per capita caused by transport respectively and the share of renewable energy used in transport. The economic index consists of indicators for the ratios of motorised private transport and local public transport, rail and road networks, transport taxes and external costs caused by transport-based air pollution. The social index includes road fatalities, employment in the transport sector, the accessibility of urban functions and the access to high-ranking freight transport.

The results (in German) were presented in Alpbach in late August.


Andrea Stocker



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