Digital – but the right way

We are developing content for websites, e-books, multimedia productions and social media, for all digital end-user devices, especially mobile ones. Our focus lies on high-quality content: scientific studies, dossiers, e-learning and events.

For a lot of people the mobile phone has become a universal information and communication tool. It needs to be adequately used by the media. Hence we put great emphasis on the integration of text and image.

If it’s about compact and quick transmission of knowledge, a (good) text cannot be beaten. But we also show the people behind the ideas through video. As an ideal way of spreading information we often choose the professional interview, also in text and image.

All about the content

Nothing against books! They are one of the outstanding inventions of the last millenium – and will probably always exist. But learning, reading and informing oneself more and more often take place with the help of electronic media.

With us books and brochures do not just become PDF files (those are only to some extent suitable for mobile end-user devices); they become text, graphs and (moving) images, which adjust to the respective screen – in a thoroughly chosen overall dramatic composition. This way, the productions become more authentic and convincing.

But for us, multimedia is not an end in itself. No matter which medium one chooses, the content is crucial. What exactly is the substance? How are the relationships? What is the central message?

One-stop service

We are not an agency; we are researchers and journalists. We design, write and work multi-medially with our own ideas for manageable budgets.


POLFREE Dissemenation
POLFREE (Policy options for a resource-efficient Europe) is a large-scale research project, supported by the European Union. SERI translated the scientific study into a multimedia production. See more at

15 Years of SERI - A multimedia E-Book
15 Years of SERI – A history of the Viennese institute in ten multimedia portraits.
(E-Book in German only; available for download as an EPUB (with short integrated videos; for certain E-Readers as well as tablets and smartphones) and PDF).


GLAMURS Dissemination

SERI was involved in the dissemination of the EU project GLAMURS (Green Lifestyles, Alternative Models and Upscaling Regional Sustainability). More at


Fritz Hinterberger

Bert Beyers

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