…to a fair and circular urban-rural relationship

Conference on 23 May in Vienna in cooperation with the Club of Rome – Austrian Chapter as part of the EU Horizon 2020 project UrbanWINS and the PlanetYES initiative and other partners.

The urban metabolism, the resources a city needs, “digests”, accumulates and sooner or later releases into the surrounding countryside and the environment, has to change if we want to improve our quality of life, business location as well as climate and environment.

The latest research on “Urban Metabolism” shows how this is possible in cities, and outlines the relations between cities and (regional and global) surrounding areas.

This conference will show and discuss approaches to the development of cities and their surrounding areas (regional as well as global) until 2050 under different assumptions (sustainable future or business as usual). What are the roles of provision and disposal, the transport of people and resources, as well as the public services that are ultimately at stake (and the cities often also provide for people in the immediate and wider environment)? And what are the global outcomes?

Presentations (PDF)