There is a worldwide scientific consensus that the ongoing climate crisis has uncontrollable effects on the environment and the planet’s biodiversity. These are already being felt through ever more frequent weather extremes and natural disasters. The United Nations through the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) reports that one million of an estimated eight million animal and plant species is threatened with extinction. We are therefore in the sixth major mass extinction. This loss of biodiversity has catastrophic effects on our ecosystem and thus endangers the basis of human life.

On 31 May, Fridays For Future will be on strike together in Vienna with Greta Thunberg to call on decision-makers to take action against the progression of the climate crisis and the associated increase in mass deaths. Over 26,000 scientists and researchers have already declared their support for the youth’s demands as Scientists For Future. On May 31, both the initiatives Scientists For Future and Artists For Future will for the first time act in solidarity with Fridays For Future to make the urgency of the situation even clearer.

The Scientists For Future will gather in front of the Natural History Museum on May 31 at 11.30 am and then move through the Heldentor to the Heldenplatz at 11.55 am. The ArtistsForFuture will meet at the Kunsthistorisches Museum opposite. The program will begin at Heldenplatz at 11.55 am, where Scientists and Artists will be welcomed.  Afterwards there will be speeches by students and a representative each of both Scientists and Artists. At around 12.30 a large demonstration will move from Heldenplatz via Bellariastraße to the Volkstheater. From there it goes past the MQ, back onto the Ring and on to Schwarzenbergplatz. At Schwarzenbergplatz, a final rally with speeches by representatives of the regional groups and Greta Thunberg will take place.