On 22 October 2018, Dr. Friedrich Hinterberger was elected Vice President and Secretary General of the Austrian Chapter of the Club of Rome at its General Meeting. He serves alongside Dr. Hannes Swoboda who was elected new President and Dr. Angela Köppl as Co-Vice President. As the new Secretary General, Fritz Hinterberger and our colleague Dorina Jobstmann take care of the organisational agenda of the association.

Furthermore, additional members of the executive committee (new or continuing) comprise  Anton Kolarik, Michael Losch, Stefan Giljum, Karl Steininger, Silvia Angelo, Monika Chabicovsky, Hubert Christian Ehalt, Sabine Ladstätter and Rudolf Scholten. See http://www.clubofrome.at/ueber-uns/

We would like to thank Dr. Peter Mooslechner and Johann Jachs very much for the successful management of the “Austrian Club” over the last few years and look forward to continuing to steer the fortunes of the club together with a team that is as high-ranking as it is committed.