On 8 June, the initiative “Growth in Transition“ in cooperation with oikos Vienna, a student-driven organization for sustainable economics and management at the Vienna University for Economics and Business and the university’s “Competence Center for Sustainability” organised a conference centred around the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event comprised several workshops with representatives from civil society, businesses and research as well as a keynote by Christoph Müller, vice director of the Austrian Institute for Sustainable Development and a subsequent panel discussion.

SERI offered a workshop about scenarios for a sustainable Austria with researchers Fritz Hinterberger and Andrea Stocker. The session was used to present results of the completed POLFREE project (polfree.seri.at) and discuss how a 2 degrees Celsius climate goal may be achieved. More specifically, the project‘s scenarios “EU Goes Ahead“, “Civil Society Leads“ and “Global Cooperation“ and their outcomes were dealt with in closer detail. After the presentation experts Anne Erwand (OEKOBUERO & Vienna University for Economics and Business), Erich Ober (Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, “Growth in Transition“ initiative) and Beatrice Stude (Foundation Rasenna) were invited to debate the implications of the scenario’s modelling result and the role of the SDGs in this context.