Halftime is fast approaching for EU project UrbanWINS. With that in mind, the consortium, representatives from the “pilot cities” and the Executive Advisory Board met in Bucharest (Romania) on 13 and 14 September 2017. Fritz Hinterberger attended the event together with Sepp Eisenriegler, Head of the Reparatur und Servicezentrums R.U.S.Z and member of the Executive Advisory Board recommended by SERI.

The meeting included a look back at previous activities and results of the project and a look ahead towards steps to come. With the scientific foundational work largely completed, the focus now lies on applying the tools developed in practice.

Notably, UrbanWINS aims to intensively incorporate diverse stakeholder groups in order to support European cities on their path of reducing their resource consumption.

An important step in that regard were a number of stakeholder consultations on the development of waste management measures. Thus, SERI conducted a total of ten interviews with Austrian stakeholders on the federal, state, city and business level over the summer. Which interests appear to be crucial in this context? While cost-benefit-analyses are central to efforts in the private sector, public bodies are influenced by pressure from the civil society and socio-cultural differences.

Moreover, SERI gathered data in Vienna that will be used in a simulation software called UMAn in order to measure and illustrate the resource and waste flows of about a dozen European cities, including Vienna. Building on these results, a conference for Austrian stakeholders will be held in Vienna next year. While the date is yet to be confirmed, do not hesitate to contact us at harald.mattenberger@seri.at for further information.

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