Two years ago all UN member states decided to adopted the agenda for new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aiming to end poverty and hunger, foster health and education as well as gender equality, peace and development and of course climate and environmental protection and much more – compiled in 17 goals and 169 targets.

In Austria, progress in the implementation of these Global Goals is slow. The new SDG Watch Austria, an association of 80 diverse civil society organisations is officially starting their work today in order to change that. SERI has been a part of this initiative from the very beginning and was happy to be present at the public launch in Vienna today.

We think it is immensly important that the manifold civil society organisations (not just in Austria!) cooperate within the holistic framework provided by the SDGs in order to make the achievement of these Global Goals a reality. We want to support this new movement with our research and consulting as well as help strengthen more active support for this agenda in the private sector as well as political debate and institutions.

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